10 Queer Brands to Get You Through Dry January

These queer-owned non-alcoholic brands, products, and resources will help make Dry January less...well...dry.

10 Queer Brands to Get You Through Dry January

Whether you're participating in Dry January or just Damp January, here are 10 queer-owned and -created brands and resources to help you avoid alcohol.


Modica superfood cocktail and mocktail mixes

Modica is a line of drink mixers that are great for cocktails and mocktails, alike. Founders JD Mitchell and Eric Wentworth met in business school and noticed that most drink mixers were full of unhealthy ingredients like sugars and preservatives. So they created Modica using superfoods and other better-for-you ingredients.

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Modica co-founders Eric Wentworth and JD Mitchell

Dry Humping by Tawny Lara

Dry Humping by Tawny Lara

Dry Humping: A Guide to Dating, Relating, and Hooking Up Without the Booze is a lighthearted, cheeky, and judgment-free handbook from sober sexpert Tawny Lara on how to have better sex, better dates, and better partnerships—without relying on alcohol!

Tawny Lara, also known as the Sober Sexpert, has been writing and speaking about alcohol-free sex and dating since 2015. She is the cohost of Recovery Rocks and is a story editor for F*cking Sober, both award-winning podcasts.

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Tawny Lara

Minus Moonshine

MinusMoonshine.com homepage

Minus Moonshine is an online and in-person bottle shop that sells a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. Non-binary owned and shipping across the United States, Minus Moonshine is a great way to browse .

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Minus Moonshine owner Aqxyl Storms


Founded by couple Olivia and Sarah Sears, BuzzCutt is a mobile app that helps sober and sober curious people find bars, restaurants, and stores that serve non-alcoholic beverages.

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BuzzCutt founders Sarah and Olivia Sears

Explorer Cold Brew

Explorer Cold Brew homepage

Queers love cold brew, and this LGBTQ-owned brand is a great way to help you forget about alcohol. Founded by endurance athlete Cason Crane, Explorer Cold Brew offers a slate organic cold brew coffee products and allows you to choose from 4 caffeine levels.

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Explorer Cold Brew founder Cason Crane


Cann is a THC-infused drink brand offering a cannabis alternative to alcoholic drinks. Founded in 2019 by Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, Cann has become a popular social drink and is known for its clever social media and marketing campaigns.

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Cann founders Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson


Founded by Leanne Kisil, Solbrü is a non-alcoholic aperitif-style beverage brand crafted with mushrooms and botanicals. Based in Canada, Solbrü beverages contain a blend of apple cider vinegar, organic mushroom and herbal extracts, and spices designed to help you unwind and connect.

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Solbrü founder Leanne Kisil

Woodnose Drinks

Sacré Zero Proof, by Woodnose

Founded by husband and husband team Justin & Roger Branon Rodriguez, Woodnose Drinks is a Vermont-based non-alcoholic aperitif made with fermented maple. Sacré, their signature drink, is crafted from organic maple syrup, fermented and aged in bourbon barrels, and combined with Fair Trade, shade-grown artisanal coffee.

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Justin & Roger Branon Rodriguez

Rainbow Hill Sober Living

Rainbow Hill Sober Living homepage

Based in Los Angeles, Rainbow Hill Sober Living is a home for men who have started their journey of sobriety and who identify as gay, transgender or LGBTQ+. Founded by married couple Andrew Fox and Joey Bachrach, the home is located in LA's Echo Park neighborhood.

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Andrew Fox and Joey Bachrach

The Open Road

The Open Road Non-Alcoholic Beverage Shop, Pittsburgh, PA

Founded in January 2020 for Dry January, The Open Road Non-Alcoholic Bar + Bottle Shop is located in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Originally a pop-up bar, The Open Road currently operates as a retail store offering in-person shopping, local delivery, and popping up at local events. 

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The Open Road founder and operator Mel Babitz