A Letter from Leo Aquino, the New Editor-in-Chief of Queerency.com

Award-winning journalist and anti-capitalist personal finance reporter, Leo Aquino, is the new Editor-in-Chief of Queerency.com!

A Letter from Leo Aquino, the New Editor-in-Chief of Queerency.com

Dear Queerency Community,

Growing up, I dreamed of becoming the editor-in-chief of a magazine, but I never saw people who look like me — queer, nonbinary, very closeted (lol), brown, immigrant, fat — represented in those pages.

I imagined what it would be like to fill those pages with stories like mine, stories that often go untold.

As I grew up and became politically awakened, I realized that editors-in-chief are chosen to be untouchable tastemakers who held an air of superiority. (Think: Anna Wintour of Vogue)

Traditionally, the job of an editor-in-chief is to uphold capitalism by glorifying the 1%, creating unrealistic beauty standards, and straight-up sleeping on stories from queer, trans, BIPOC, and immigrant communities.

As your editor-in-chief, I vow to do things differently. I am committed to continuing Queerency's mission of reporting on the LGBTQ+ community with dignity, depth, and joy.

Unlike an Anna-Wintour-type, I don't have a $10 million townhouse or a private driver. I eat ramen the day before my paycheck hits. I talk openly about my student loan debt. I was in multiple group chats about The Ultimatum. I'm a proud member of IRL and online LGBTQ+ communities. I'm just like you. I'm one of us.

I am an editor-in-chief for the peopleI am at your service. I welcome feedback and accountability always. If there's a story you think I need to hear, my inbox is always open. Feel free to send me an email at leo@queerency.com anytime.

Lastly, I would like to thank our CEO, Travers Johnson, for inviting me to be a part of Queerency. Thank you for trusting me, and for sharing your vision with me. <3

With love and gratitude,
Your new editor-in-chief,