There's a Beautiful Backstory Behind the Viral Funeral Runway Walk Video

A viral video of fashion model Erica L. Carrington walking the “runway” at a funeral has garnered millions of views over the past 48 hours. But the backstory behind the funerary sashay is touching.

There's a Beautiful Backstory Behind the Viral Funeral Runway Walk Video
(l-r) Vernest C. Moore; Erica L. Carrington (credit: Newark Fashion Forward; Erica L. Carrington)

The Tea: Over the weekend, fashion model Erica L. Carrington posted a video of her walking the “runway” at a funeral.

  • The video has gone viral across multiple social media platforms in the last 48 hours, garnering millions of views and was even picked up by TMZ.

The Context: But despite raised eyebrows from some on social media, there’s a touching backstory to Carrington’s funerary sashay: she was honoring her friend, Newark, NJ fashion designer and community leader Vernest C. Moore.

  • Vernest C. Moore was a fashion designer and producer of Newark Fashion Forward Tour, a city-wide fashion event featuring residents from across the five wards of Newark, NJ.
  • His label, Vissions by Ve’ Moore, is a “chic ready to wear line” and has been worn by music icons Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, and more.

The Funeral: On November 11, friends, family, and community members gathered at the Newark Museum of Art for the first of three memorial services. Each service had a specific dress code and was designed to honor to honor Moore in a way that celebrated his unique contributions to fashion and his community.