The Balance Sheet: April 9, 2023

The Balance Sheet: April 9, 2023

Plus, a brief history of Budweiser's LGBTQ marketing campaigns, Lizzo's shapewear company is called out by trans-owned brand, and more.

Spring is in the air and there's great news to share in this week's Balance Sheet. Enjoy!

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Italian Artist Filippo Sorcinelli is the Pope's Tailor 

Filippo Sorcinelli is a renowned Italian multidisciplinary artist, designer, and perfumer. He has had collaborations with major luxury brands, but one of his most significant ongoing collaborations has been with the Vatican, where he has served as the tailor and designer of vestments for both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Sorcinelli has worked with the Vatican for more than 20 years, and with Pope Francis since his first mass. Sorcinelli's work with the Pope and the Vatican has been widely praised, with many noting that his designs were a perfect representation of Pope Francis's vision for the Church. Sorcinelli's work is so celebrated that it will be featured in an exhibition starting April 14th called In Persona Christi: Benedict XVI and Francis in the vestments of Filippo Sorcinelli

Read this interview with him (you'll need to translate the website on Google Translate)

Learn more about Filippo Sorcinelli on his website and Instagram

See his work for the Vatican on his business website, Atelier Lavs and Instagram.

Budweiser's Embrace of the LGBTQ Community Dates Back to the 1990s

This past week, right wingers had a MAGA meltdown about trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney's brand partnership with Bud Light. Conservatives including Kid Rock, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and country star Travis Tritt vowed to boycott Budweiser and embrace other beer brands, like Coors. They are apparently unaware that Coors also has LGBTQ+ partnerships (just like half of America's top 10 beer brands).

Furthermore, Budweiser's embrace of the LGBTQ community goes back three decades. Check out a brief history of the company's LGBTQ marketing campaigns at the links below:

Read a Budweiser case study at Marketing the Rainbow

Watch my explainer on Instagram

Trans-Owned Brand Urbody Calls Out Lizzo's New Shapewear Brand for Allegedly Copying Their Designs

A trans-owned, gender-affirming clothing brand is calling out Yitty, Lizzo’s new shapewear company, after Yitty announced a new inclusive collection.

Urbody, which launched in March 2021, accused Yitty on Twitter of using the brand’s gender-affirming garment designs a day after Yitty announced Your Skin, a new line catering to “trans, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender non-conforming communities that have been chronically underserved.”

Read more at Yahoo! Entertainment

Learn more about Urbody

Federal financial agency now requires collection of LGBTQ data

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued new guidelines on March 31 requiring the collection of LGBTQ identifying data to improve data collection on small business lending for LGBTQ-owned businesses.

The provision allows the CFPB to more accurately monitor trends of discrimination and helps ensure the nation’s 1.4 million LGBTQ-owned businesses are being treated fairly within the financial sector so that they can effectively compete, create opportunities, invest in employees, and uplift their communities.

Read more at The Washington Blade

Biden proposal would bar schools from enacting outright bans on trans athletes

Schools and colleges across the U.S. would be forbidden from enacting outright bans on transgender athletes under a proposal released Thursday by the Biden administration, but teams could create some limits in certain cases — for example, to ensure fairness.

The proposed rule sends a political counterpunch toward a wave of Republican-led states that have sought to ban trans athletes from competing in school sports that align with their gender identities. If finalized, the proposal would become enshrined as a provision of Title IX, the landmark gender-equity legislation enacted in 1972.

Read more at The Associated Press


Queer-Owned Businesses In the News

Alumna Takes Pride in Identity, Launches ‘Queer Gear’ Business - Chico State Today
Sarah Weiss started an e-commerce store that’s not just fashionable, but impactful. Queer Gear sells clothing to promote visibility and representation, while giving back to nonprofit organizations focused on LGBTQ+ causes.
After facing discrimination, Dr. Jon became the gay doctor every queer person needs
“Our healthcare needs are not always prioritized, and [we] need to use our voices to advocate for access to treatment,” he says…
Salon Benders Founder Jessie Santiago Talks Queer & BIPOC-Centered Hair Salon
Jessie Santiago, the Afro-Latina founder of the queer and BIPOC-centered hair salon Salon Benders, talks about equity in haircare.
Phluid City, Strands For Trans And Terri & Sandy Launch Transgender Rights Festival
As a non-profit organization, Stands for Trans will be a source of education and support to salons, as well as any business looking to provide a safe and positive experience to members of the trans community.
How a Vermont binder business is helping people feel more at home in their body
March 31 is International Transgender Day of visibility. It’s a celebration of trans and nonbinary people and a way to elevate their voices, pioneered by transgender activist Rachel Crandall Crocker in 2009. It’s also the anniversary of the opening of Shapeshifters, an online shop in Brattleboro tha…
Ferndale’s Not Sorry Goods, an eco-conscious, queer-friendly fashion shop, rescues the old
Clothing as liberation
Nightlife veteran buys Oakland’s oldest gay bar
Oakland’s oldest LGBTQIA+ bar, the White Horse Inn, has been sold to a Bay Area nightclub owner known for a number of other popular venues.
Durham’s first LGBTQ+ bookshop to expand after “successful” first year
BookWyrm in Durham Market is expanding into a second unit and hosting its first queer craft fair at the end of May, welcoming LGBTQ+ creatives and businesses in a first of its kind event in the city
Here are Lil’ America’s 7 BIPOC/LGBTQ-owned food carts
Lil’ America hold its grand opening today.
Gay publisher accuses Amherst of bias in code enforcement
Jeffrey Bellanca’s work van makes a statement. And, as far as the Town of Amherst is concerned, that’s the problem.
Reviving the Gayborhood: The Future of Queer Spaces
In-person gatherings for LGBTQ+ people are regarded as nothing short of essential for many in the community. Many queer people retreat to bars and nightclubs from an outside world that often makes them feel alienated. Staff and patrons fiercely defend these spaces as areas of free expression where…


Good News in Queer Business, Politics, and More

US support for LGBTQ rights grows even as gap widens between Democrats and Republicans, survey says
A nonpartisan group’s annual survey finds Americans support LGBTQ rights more than ever, even as the gap between Democrats and Republicans widens.
Thousands of nuns declare God loves and cherishes trans people
A group of Catholic nuns has joined the fight for trans rights, claiming that trans and non-binary people are “beloved and cherished by God”.
Judge orders LGBTQ+ books returned to shelves in ‘ringing victory for democracy’
A judge in Texas has ordered books banned for containing LGBTQ and racial content must return to shelves within 24 hours.
New skateboarding group launches for Bristol’s queer skaters
The group is aiming to make the sport more accessible to the LGBT+ community
Hayley Kiyoko Enlists an All-Queer Cast for Her ‘Girls Like Girls’ Audiobook
Katie Gavin of MUNA, Malia Pyles from Pretty Little Liars and Brandon Flynn from 13 Reasons Why are set to star alongside Kiyoko in the new version of the novel.
Deutsche Bank, Open For Business, among other LGBTQ Leaders, denounce Uganda’s 2023 Anti-LGBTQ Law
On March 28 Open For Business – a coalition of global businesses working for LGBTQ inclusion, for which Deutsche Bank, a
Supreme Court: Trans girl can run girls track in West Virginia for now | Maryland Daily Record
The Supreme Court allowed a 12-year-old transgender girl in West Virginia to continue competing on her middle school’s girls sports teams while a lawsuit continues.
New Jersey opens registration for LGBTQ-owned business certification
The certification unlocks opportunities for LGBTQ-owned businesses in New Jersey, a move to encourage a diverse economy in the Garden State.
White House Announces Crisis Hotline for LGBTQ+ Youth
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced the option during Thursday’s White House press briefing.
San Diego to open LGBTQ shelter for homeless youths
The San Diego Housing Commission chose the LGBTQ Center to run a 45-bed shelter for transitional age youths


Challenges to Overcome

Twitter appears to limit visibility of tweets containing words like ‘trans,’ ‘gay,’ and ‘queer’ sent over DM
The move could be a departure for Elon Musk, who often criticized social media content moderation and censorship before taking ownership of Twitter.
As Lawmakers Turn Their Sights on Drag Shows, LGBTQ Spaces Have Been Disappearing Across Texas for Decades
There are fewer gay bars in Texas today than there were in the eighties. Owners of those that remain say they aren’t going anywhere.
Russia arrests LGBTQ+ YouTubers on ‘gay propaganda’ charges
In Russia, authorities have arrested an LGBTQ couple for allegedly violating the country’s homophobic ‘gay propaganda’ law.
Texas Senate votes to defund libraries where drag queens read to kids
As LGBTQ+ focused bills have moved through the legislature this year, the community and advocates question the sincerity of lawmakers’ claims that they’re trying to protect kids.
Florida House votes to expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida could expand what critics call the “Don’t Say Gay” law that limits discussions of gender identity and sexual orientation in public schools under a bill the House approved Friday along party lines.
Woman hoping to adopt foster children sues Oregon over LGBTQ expectations
State denies Jessica Bates’ application, and she claims she is being penalized for her religious views.
The parents of an 8-year-old trans girl say they’re moving from Florida to Minnesota, fearing an anti-trans law that could threaten the custody of their daughter
Trans adults and families of trans youth are moving across the country to escape anti-trans bills. The Denis family is one of them.
School district sued after shutting down school paper over LGBTQ+ content
A school district in Nebraska is facing a lawsuit after a high school shut down its newspaper because students produced an LGBTQ edition.
In Morocco, YouTube is one tool to attack LGBTQ, vulnerable communities
After a Moroccan content creator targeted the transgender community, the damaging videos were left on YouTube for two weeks before being removed.

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