Discord bans misgendering and deadnaming

The policy update is a welcomed step to protect LGBTQ+ users as hate speech increases on large social media platforms

Discord bans misgendering and deadnaming
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

The Tea: In an update to its Hateful Conduct Policy social media app Discord has explicitly banned the misgendering and deadnaming of transgender and non-binary users.

Screenshot Discord Hateful Conduct Policy Explainer (Source: Discord)

The Context: Social media is rife with anti-LGBTQ hate speech, and major platforms are failing to protect LGBTQ+ folks against it.

The Bigger Picture: While the major social media companies still struggle to clamp down on hate speech, smaller niche platforms are creating safe spaces for queer folks:

  • Social media company Post has updated its policies to bolster protections for members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly transgender users.
  • Spill, a Twitter alternative created with Black and LGBTQ+ people in mind, has been at the forefront of creating a safe space for queer and trans users

What folks are saying: GLAAD applauded the moves by Discord and Post as a step in the right direction toward proactively protecting LGBTQ+ social media users, while urging other platforms to do better.