Happy Transgender Awareness Week! (The Balance Sheet: November 16, 2023)

This year, Transgender Awareness Week is from Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 19. Transgender Awareness Week is a dedicated time to learn about the issues that trans people face, and how to become a better ally. But at Queerency, it's Transgender Awareness Week all year round!

Happy Transgender Awareness Week! (The Balance Sheet: November 16, 2023)
Left: Danica Roem, the first transgender senator of Virginia; Middle: Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, owner of JKN Global Group, which owns the Miss Universe Organization; Right: Ada Vargas, also known as the Queer Money Coach.

This year, Transgender Awareness Week is from Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 19. Transgender Awareness Week is a dedicated time to learn about the issues that trans people face, and how to become a better ally.

But at Queerency, it's Transgender Awareness Week all year round ;)

Check out this week's stories featuring transgender senator Danica Roem, transgender business mogul Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, and non-binary queer money coach Ada Vargas. And stay tuned for more trans-centered stories week after week!

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Top Line

Stories With Main Character Energy

Danica Roem is the first transgender senator of Virginia

Democrat Danica Roem beat Republican Bill Woolf, a former detective who resigned in 2017 in the middle of an internal affairs investigation, per the Washington Post. Woolf's campaign also focused on banning transgender athletes from competing in sports teams that align with their gender identity.

Roem's victory is crucial to securing Democratic influence within a majority-Republican Senate, especially during a time when anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is on the rise.

Virginia is the only state in the South that has passed nondiscrimination laws for LGBTQ+ people, according to The 19th. Virginia is the only low-risk haven in the South with relatively affordable cost of living. Roem's victory will secure Virginia's position as a safe haven, at least for the duration of her two-year term.

Read the full story at Queerency

Thai transgender owner of Miss Universe pageant files for bankruptcy

On November 9, JKN Global Group, the Thai multinational conglomerate that owns the Miss Universe Organization, filed for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy might be seen as a sign of failure, but Jakrajutatip succeeded in creating a safe space for transgender representation in Miss Universe.

Ángela Ponce from Madrid, Spain became the first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe in 2018.

This year's pageant, which will take place in El Salvador on November 18, will have two transgender contestants: Miss Portugal, Marina Machete and Miss Netherlands, Rikkie Kollé.

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Spending money according to your values may help you stay within budget

Next week, our wallets and willpower are tested by the hyperconsumerism of Black Friday weekend.

While many shoppers might focus on scouring the internet to find the best deals, especially from big box stores like Target or Amazon, some will opt for a values-based approach, where a company’s ethics and values influence purchasing decisions more than the price of its products.

We talked to Ada Vargas, aka the Queer Money Coach, about how a values-based approach can help you stick to your financial goals.

Read the full story at Queerency


Queer-Owned and -Allied Businesses In the News

I came out as trans while CEO of my company. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

56-year-old Wynne Nowland, CEO of insurance company Bradley & Parker, came out as transgender via email after being promoted into the position.

Read the full article at LGBTQ Nation.

The Abbey Finds New Owner Within West Hollywood LGBTQ Community
The founder of the iconic gay bar is handing over the keys to a West Hollywood entrepreneur.
Ash + Chess owners open Everywhere Shop in Uptown Kingston - Hudson Valley One
There’s a brand-new stationery and gift store in Uptown Kingston, and it’s got a special mission. “We hope to be a safe space for queer and trans people of all ages,” says Chess Needham, who, with his partner Ashley Molesso, opened the Everywhere Shop on North Front Street with a little party last F…

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Good News in Queer Business, Politics, and More

There's a beautiful backstory behind the viral funeral runway walk video

A viral video of fashion model Erica L. Carrington walking the “runway” at a funeral has garnered millions of views over the past 48 hours. But the backstory behind the funerary sashay is touching.

Despite raised eyebrows from some on social media, there’s a touching backstory to Carrington’s funerary sashay: she was honoring her friend, Newark, NJ fashion designer and community leader Vernest C. Moore.

Vernest C. Moore was a fashion designer and producer of Newark Fashion Forward Tour, a city-wide fashion event featuring residents from across the five wards of Newark, NJ.

Read the full story by Queerency.

Marlon Wayans Says One of His Kids Is Trans: ‘So Proud of Them for Being Them’
Marlon Wayans revealed that one of his kids is transgender and said his next stand-up special is about his own ‘transition’ from denial to love.
5 companies going above and beyond to support trans and non-binary employees
More and more businesses are offering gender-affirming care for employees, we highlight 10 of the most inclusive companies for trans people.

Facts & Figures

Data to Digest

LGBTQ+ nonprofits receive less than 1% of charitable donations, with economic advancement causes funded the least

There's a shortage of funding for LGBTQ nonprofit organizations.

A report by the IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy shows that LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations received less than 1% of all charitable donations nationwide, roughly $560 million, in 2019.

Within this already small percentage, less than 1% of total LGBTQ+ funding was allocated to business and professional networks. The lack of support for queer business and professional development is concerning, considering the additional economic challenges individuals in these communities experience.

Read the full story at Queerency.

Disney cites $40 billion economic impact on the state of Florida in lawsuit against Governer Ron DeSantis over gender and sexuality studies

In April, Walt Disney filed a lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis for introducing a law in Florida to ban gender and sexuality studies from public schools.

In a report by the Associated Press, Disney wields an alleged $40 billion economic impact on the state of Florida. Disney accounted for 263,000 jobs in Florida besides the number of employees in Walt Disney World, which is 3 times that amount.

Governor Ron DeSantis is known for introducing extreme gender-affirming healthcare bans for adults and minors (SB 254), an anti-trans bathroom bill (HB 1251), and many more anti-LGBTQ+ laws in the state of Florida.

Read more at The Associated Press


Challenges to Overcome

The Trevor Project leaves X due to increased 'hate & vitriol' on the platform

The Trevor Project, the largest LGBTQ youth suicide prevention nonprofit in the US, announced its departure from X, formerly known as Twitter, because of "increasing hate & vitriol on the platform targeting the LGBTQ community."

In a statement released on November 9, The Trevor Project encouraged community members to follow them on other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and their own social networking site TrevorSpace.org.

Read the full story at Queerency

A new law in Tennessee bans public homosexuality

In June, the City of Murfreesboro, TN passed an ordinance banning “indecent behavior,” and the law specifically mentions a section of the city code that defines homosexuality as “indecency.” Murfreesboro––the 6th largest city in Tennessee with a population of over 150K people––has weaponized the law to ban LGBTQ-themed books from the public library and to attempt to prevent a local Pride Festival from taking place.

Watch our overview of the ordinance on the Queerency Instagram page.

Read more about the law at Erin in the Morning and The New Republic

Salon told LGBTQ customers to see pet groomer, MI officials say. Now it faces charges
“I am not willing to play the pronoun game,” the owner wrote in an online post, officials said.
Female pool player Lynne Pinches refuses to play transgender opponent and walks off
The protest follows last month’s World Eightball Pool Federation decision to allow transgender players to compete against women

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Apply for Point of Pride's Annual Trans Surgery Fund by November 30

Point of Pride will grant awards to transgender and nonbinary people seeking funding for gender-affirming surgery. Submit your application by November 30 and attend their last info session on Sunday, November 12.

More details are available at pointofpride.org.

Transition of Style Launch Party

Hosted by Rocio Sanchez, Transition of Style is a new podcast that offers direct insights from LGBTQ+ models, designers, business owners, and style icons who are making waves in the fashion industry now.

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