The Balance Sheet: April 23, 2023

Happy Lesbian Visibility Week! This week's Balance Sheet includes an interview with Dapper Boi founder Vicky and Charisse Pasche, and more.

The Balance Sheet: April 23, 2023
Dapper Boi founders Vicky and Charisse Pasche compete on episode 1417 of Shark Tank on ABC.(ABC/Christopher Willard)

Happy Lesbian Visibility Week! I spoke with Vicky and Charisse Pasche, the founders of gender-inclusive clothing brand Dapper Boi, about their top 3 tips on pitching investors and what they learned from their recent appearance on "Shark Tank." Also, stay tuned to my social media all week for some great Lesbian Visibility Week content.

I was also recently featured in NerdWallet along with some of my favorite LGBTQ+ personal finance experts. Check it out below.

And be sure to check out Nexus, a queer-owned banking platform that lets you invest directly from your checking account.

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Top Line

Stories with Main Character Energy

3 Lessons About Pitching Investors Dapper Boi Founders Vicky and Charisse Pasche Learned on 'Shark Tank'

Founded by Vicky and Charisse Pasche, Dapper Boi is an apparel line that caters to individuals of all genders and body types. The concept for the company came about during Vicky and Charisse's honeymoon, where Vicky's challenges as a woman with curves searching for clothes that fit her body and authentic expression became apparent. Determined to create a brand that would make people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, the couple launched Dapper Boi through a crowdfunding campaign in 2015.

Eight years later, what started as a passion project has now become a seven-figure company. The San Diego-based brand has generated $4M in sales with a customer base of over 30,000 individuals from all genders, sizes, and body types. They have also achieved an impressive repeat customer rate of 71%.

The latest stop on their journey was on ABC's Shark Tank, where they competed for investment in front of an audience of millions. 

I spoke with Vicky and Charisse about what they learned from their Shark Tank experience, their top 3 tips on pitching investors, and what's next for the brand.

Read the full article at Queerency

6 LGBTQ+ Financial Influencers to Follow in 2023

People in the LGBTQ+ community experience unique economic disparities that cisgender straight people and heteronormative families do not. According to a 2019 Williams Institute analysis of Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data, 22% of LGBTQ+ adults in the United States live in poverty, compared with an estimated 16% of their cisgender straight counterparts.

LGBTQ+ financial pros are uniquely positioned to share their knowledge and relate it to their individual experiences of queerness because of these disparities and the political climate affecting their communities.

NerdWallet talked to Travers Johnson (Queerency), Daniella Flores (I Like to Dabble), K. Kenneth Davis (The Trans Capitalist), Carmen Perez (Much/Make Real Cents), David and John Auten-Schneider (Debt-Free Guys), and Piggy and Kitty (Bitches Get Riches) community about tips on finding affordable housing, starting a business, building generational wealth and finding resources for family planning.

Read the full article at NerdWallet

This Queer-Owned Banking App Lets You Invest Directly From Your Checking Account

Nexus is the first bank account that earns returns for people, not banks. Nexus allows users to keep 100% of their money invested in diversified funds, earning as much as 9% annually for themselves.

I spoke with co-founder Chen-Chen Huo about how his LGBTQ and immigrant identities helped inform his desire to democratize investment returns for all people, regardless of their background.

Read the full article at Queerency

Check out Nexus

Las Vegas’ Only Gay-Owned and Targeted Boutique Hotel Opening Soon

The Bent Inn will open sometime this summer at 207 N. 11th St., steps from the Fremont Street Experience. The co-owners of the property describe it as “the only LGBTQ-owned and operated boutique hotel in Las Vegas,” and extensive research by could turn up no previous claimants to that title.

Featuring 33 “playfully designed” rooms, according to marketing materials, the hotel is being developed by Mark Hunter and Greg Kafka — the previous owners of the Palm Springs resorts Escape and Desert Paradise — under their Escape Resorts banner.

Continue reading at

Two LGBTQ+ Economic Empowerment Initiatives Launch on the West Coast

  • Oregon Pride in Business has launched its Economic Empowerment Center in north Portland’s Q Center — providing new resources for Oregonians looking to land a job or start a new business. The empowerment center will provide courses on career readiness and a Founding Partnership program to expand LGBTQ+ business development statewide. Read more at KOIN
  • The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced on Friday its official launch of the West Hollywood Small Business Foundation (WHSBF) 501(c)(3). The Foundation’s mission is to develop equitable and inclusive opportunities for underrepresented communities and the economic growth, urban infrastructure enhancements for small and minority owned businesses. Read more at WeHo Times


Queer-Owned and -Allied Businesses In the News

Inside Hayley Williams’ Radically Queer Tennessee Hair Salon
Opened with stylist Brian O’Connor, Fruits Hair Lab is a new Nashville LGBTQ+ hub.
Woofs is Home for LGBTQ Sports Fans
News, events, features, entertainment, interviews, Pride, nightlife, organizations, families, marriage
Brooklyn-based company launches vacation packages for LGBTQ travelers
EveryQueer, a Brooklyn-based queer event and travel company, is launching its first-ever tour packages designed for queer and gender-diverse travelers
After years of delays, Oakland’s newest queer bar opens tonight
The owner of new Oakland LGBTQIA+ bar Town Bar & Lounge dreams of a gay scene to rival San Francisco’s in the East Bay.
LA’s Queer Bar Renaissance Has Arrived
Los Angeles has an emerging queer bar scene for the first time in years
Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP Announce New LGBTQ Business Practice Group
News, events, features, entertainment, interviews, Pride, nightlife, organizations, families, marriage
Black, Queer-Owned Skincare Brand Taylor of Brooklyn Lands Online Retail Deal with Urban Outfitters
Feature Spotlight | Business | Exclusive Boyfriend-approved, cruelty-free Black, Queer-owned skincare and beauty line. “Products for them, her, him, and you—” the slogan behind Taylor of Brooklyn, a promising Black and Queer-owned, natural skincare brand. With the end-user in mind, this Brooklyn-bas…
I work in one of the world’s biggest gay-sex stores. These are the products I always recommend.
Dec Bowring has worked at Prowler in London for years. He always recommends the best vibrators, dildos, and lubes to his customers.
Trailblazing Queer Comedy Club to open in Archway
Dreamed up as an antidote to the macho stand-up circuit, the new club in Junction road will be a space where up and coming LGBTQ+ comics can cut…
Skunk Cabbage Books Opens In Avondale With A Focus On Climate, Nature And Community
Owner Ren Dean said the Milwaukee Avenue shop is a response to growing attacks on queer people, and its name is an ode to the smelly flower that creates its own warmth.
Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps CEO David Bronner is embracing he/they pronouns
David Bronner, CEO of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps, is one of the highest-profile US executives to have publicly embraced he/they pronouns.


Good News in Queer Business, Politics, and More

Democrats’ bill aims to protect LGBTQ+ immigrants from detention
A Democratic bill to protect LGBTQ immigrants from detention by qualifying them as “vulnerable persons” has been proposed.
Kansas Democratic governor vetoes anti-transgender bills, saying they’d scare off business
Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s rejection of the bills sets up another veto override fight with the Republican-controlled Kansas Legislature. Lawmakers already overrode her veto to a bill banning transgender girls from playing girl’s sports.
LGBTQ rights groups sue Tennessee over ban on youth gender-affirming care
Three LGBTQ rights groups are suing the state of Tennessee over a new law that prohibits medical professionals from administering gender-affirming health care to transgender minors. In a lawsu…
Amazon Developing ‘Boys Come First’ Series Based On Aaron Foley’s Debut Novel; Chuck Hayward To Pen The Pilot, Serve As EP
EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Studios has secured rights to Aaron Foley’s debut novel Boys Come First, with plans to develop the property for television, tapping Chuck Hayward (Ted Lasso) to pen the pilo…
4 ways queer and trans Muslims are transforming Ramadan for themselves
We spoke to organizers, activists, and scholars to hear how they are making space for both their LGBTQ and Muslim identities during Ramadan. Here are four ways they are forging themselves their own paths as LGBTQ Muslims.
How Putin Inadvertently Boosted LGBT Support in Ukraine
Russian president Vladimir Putin weaponized homophobia to invade Ukraine. Now, that’s backfiring.
Disneyland Announces Its First-Ever LGBTQ ‘Pride Nite’
The California-based theme park shared the news just hours after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened to build a prison next to Disney World.
Unity Prom, an LGBTQ focused prom took place at the Ohio Statehouse
Unity Prom, an adults-only, LGBTQ focused prom took place at the Ohio Statehouse April 16, 2023.
Travel groups aim to make northwestern Ontario more welcoming to LGBTQ community | CBC News
Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are considered LGBTQ tourism hotspots in Canada, and now two regional organizations are looking to add northwestern Ontario to that list.
Luxembourg leader champions LGBTQ rights, chastises Hungary
The gay prime minister of Luxembourg has used the dais of the European Union’s…
Japanese fete LGBTQ progress, demand marriage rights as G7 summit looms
Cheering, flag-waving crowds gathered in Tokyo on Sunday for the first full Pride parade in four years, celebrating advances in LGBTQ rights but demanding Japan join other advanced nations in legally recognising same-sex marriage.

Facts & Figures

LGBTQ Data to Digest

Nasdaq Board Diversity Rule Boosted LGBTQ Policies, Report Says
Expected Nasdaq rules requiring companies listed on the exchange to add more board members from underrepresented groups have spurred the rapid adoption of LGBTQ-inclusive board policies in the past year, a new report says.
Half of LGBT+ young adults in UK are estranged from a relative, survey finds
Charity says many people are fearful they will not be accepted because of their sexuality or gender identity
Study finds legalisation of same-sex marriage to have positive impact on mental health of LGBTQIA+ individuals
Study finds legalisation of same-sex marriages and marriage equality would lead to improvement in well-being, legal safety and access to legal rights.


Challenges to Overcome

Gay pride parade canceled after anti-drag show law passes
Officials in a Florida city have canceled a gay pride parade and restricted other pride events to people 21 years and older. The decision to change this Saturday’s Pridefest events in Port St. Lucie was made Wednesday. The Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast says the decision was made in anticipati…
Twitter removes transgender protections from hateful conduct policy | CNN Business
Twitter appears to have quietly rolled back a portion of its hateful conduct policy that included specific protections for transgender people.
Montana’s House speaker is preventing a transgender legislator from speaking about bills on the House floor
The Montana House speaker is refusing to recognize a transgender legislator until she apologizes for criticizing a bill on Tuesday.
Extreme anti-gay legislation has much of Uganda’s LGBTQ community living in fear
For Uganda’s LGBTQ community, the threat of harsh anti-gay legislation is forcing many into hiding and has left some facing unbearable choices about their future there.
North Carolina House approves ban on transgender athletes
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Transgender girls in North Carolina would be prohibited from joining female sports teams in middle school, high school and college under legislation passed Wednesday by the Republican-controlled House in one of its first actions since attaining a supermajority earlier this month…
Florida expands ‘Don’t Say Gay’; House OKs anti-LGBTQ bills
Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can add more wins to his agenda targeting the LGBTQ+ community. A state board approved an expansion of what critics call the “Don’t Say Gay” law on Wednesday, and the House passed bills on gender-transition treatments, bathroom use and keeping children out of dra…
As N.H. parental rights bill advances, opponents warn of ‘Orwellian’ impacts for transgender kids - The Boston Globe
Critics contend the proposal would single out LGBTQ students for unnecessary and harmful surveillance and reporting.
Gay Adult Store Attacked for Second Time in Two Months
Locals say both attacks were “targeted” and police are asking for the public’s help.

Future Outlook

Opportunities & Events to Know About

PAID Pride Partnership Opportunity

Emmy-winning casting producer Jeffrey Marx is casting LGBTQ+ business owners in the Los Angeles area for a six hour commercial shoot. Pay is $1250 for the day.

Learn more here and email to apply

LGBTQIA+ Executive Fellowship at The University of Sydney School of Business

Accelerate your leadership journey with Australia’s first program from a leading business school for LGBTQIA+ leaders

Learn more